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Entrepreneurship: Creating a New Craze

October 14, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


You see the word everywhere as soon as the calendar flips to October…pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin flavored beer, pumpkin donuts and even pumpkin yogurt. Having never been a pumpkin pie lover, I am not the first one in line at Dunkin Donuts to purchase a pumpkin spiced anything but the autumn craze goes on without me. In fact, I just learned Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte has its own Twitter account including 19,000 followers. Really…..its own Twitter account?

So what generates new crazes anyways? I believe it takes an original idea, innovation, a ton of marketing, and passionate fans. The more fans a new product or service develops upon its launch the more grass roots excitement follows with word of mouth advertising to compliment the millions of dollars a company pays for new product marketing. I experienced it this summer when my family discovered Chicago’s new craft beer called “It’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer,” a really great tasting beer that tastes like the best root beer you’ve ever had with a kick. By the end of summer we had shared our new favorite thing with everyone we knew and they became fans too.

So how does the average woman entrepreneur witnessing a new trend glean wisdom to do the same for her company or industry? I believe it starts with a creative insight and deep seeded interest to develop a new way of thinking, doing or living that benefits your customers. It also takes time to launch the next big thing along with extensive marketing. When you realize Starbucks cooked up their idea of pumpkin spice latte in their “liquid lab” twelve years ago, you realize great new ideas, just like starting a new business, take time to develop and ingrain itself in the market.

Today’s blog post is meant to spark some innovative thinking. Whether you love the flavor of pumpkin or not, let its revolution in the marketplace inspire you to think beyond what you typically offer or see in your industry to something more. You have an innovative spirit within you because you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Perhaps long days in your office have taken away your creativity and innovative spirit. Maybe now is the time to reignite it.

If you feel moved, why not buy something “pumpkin flavored” today – a coffee, a candle, a beer, a donut and imagine what you could create for your business that could turn into the next craze. You don’t need a liquid lab to cook up your own new concoction; you only need an innovative spirit.

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