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Lessons on Entrepreneurship From Pope Francis Visit to America

September 24, 2015

Business Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Like many people yesterday, I was captivated watching Pope Francis’ appearances in America. This warm, gentle, caring man touched my heart the moment he stepped out onto the Vatican porch when he was announced as the new leader of the Catholic Church. He reminded me instantly of the beloved Syracuse priest Father Joseph Champlin who touched my family’s hearts as our local priest before his passing. The kindness radiated from both of their eyes and smiles.

I have always believed that my entrepreneurial life has been a gift not only for myself but for the people that walk through my company doors and attend my events. I have been welcoming women entrepreneurs into my life for 2 decades. Like Pope Francis, it hasn’t mattered if they were white or black, old or young, barely making money or making millions. Every woman entrepreneur in my eyes hold the same esteem since they are doing their best to change the world for the better through what they offer.

I credit my warmth and inclusiveness to my upbringing and my faith. When a homeless, toothless man eats across from you at your family’s Thanksgiving table when you are in elementary school, you see with your eyes and heart. When your family table is encompassed by gay artists sharing their talents, you experience compassion and understanding. When numerous priests join you to eat because your mother has befriended them, you gain insight into their lives. It is hard to witness such acts of kindness and not be touched forever.

Holiday-Family-TableI have always treated the female entrepreneurs who have graced my presence for 20 years as dear guests at my family table. I welcome them into the space I have created for them to learn and be inspired. Our events are always around a meal and I can’t sit down to enjoy mine until I have made sure my guests are content. In many ways, my business is my family table and the women joining me are the food that fuels my heart and spirit.

I hope today you look at your business differently. I hope you are inspired by Pope Francis’ personality and warmth to light something special within you. Let your love for what you do as an entrepreneur be a beacon of meaning and light for the people you serve. Gather with them around your own business table from time to time to take in their company and walk away blessed.

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  1. September 24, 2015 11:29 am

    Wonderful Tracy! I have been in the DC area since Sunday and I have to say, the energy here is fantastic. I too have been riveted to the tv! What an awesome man and his message is clear ~ treat others with kindness! And that means EVERYONE! Will be sharing this for sure!


  2. September 24, 2015 11:32 am

    You are so lucky to be in DC kimberly! I wanted to go to Philadelphia since I lived there for a number of years but couldn’t make it down with my big event in one week. I do have the TV on keeping me watching him. It is a great way to work for sure.


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