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Hot Business Tasks for a Slow Friday in Summer

July 31, 2015


The sun is shining, it is the middle of summer and it is Friday. How hard is it for you to work today on a scale of 1-10? As I glance out my beautiful big home office window onto a green lawn with a glistening blue pool of cool water in the distance and a cloudless sky above with a cool 78 degrees billowing outside, I give the day a perfect rating of 10 and my energy to stay inside and work a 3.

It’s 11 a.m. and I know there are a lot of women entrepreneurs taking today off to enjoy the weather, vacationing or just enjoying the beauty of today. I want to be like them and yet the discipline I have created the past 20 years as a woman entrepreneur keeps me glued to my seat until 4 p.m.

This blog post is to encourage other entrepreneurs struggling with working today on a beautiful summer Friday to work on some of the 10 business items I hope to tackle today. I hope it gives you extra motivation to work.

1. Pick up the phone and call 3 potential new customers. Leave a voice mail message about wanting to speak to them next week if you don’t get them on the phone today. Friday’s are my favorite day to make sales calls.

2. Write one blog post and share through social media marketing.

3. Grab thank you notes, and send out 5 to your top 5 customers thanking them for their business.

4. Review your sales figures for the month and make notes on how you would like to improve them next month

5. Book 2 luncheon appointments with business associates you haven’t spent time with in awhile. You might be surprised how it could generate new leads for your company.

6. Find a fall event to go to within your industry and make a reservation for it now.

7. Look at your desk and file away anything on it that was created from this week’s work so you are organized on Monday morning.

8. Create a work list of duties for your staff next week.

9. Make an appointment with someone on your B.A.I.L list of advisors (banker, attorney, insurance agent or lawyer) to update necessary documents.

10. Write down 5 successes from this week and place them on a note on your computer to view first thing Monday morning to fuel your entrepreneurial fire.

springgreenAs soon as you finish your list, I hope you leave me a comment and then go outside to enjoy a relaxing weekend that will feel even more wonderful because you worked hard this Friday summer work day. Kudos to you and your entrepreneurial determination.

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