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The Perfect Summer Business Day

July 28, 2015

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


The muggy warm summer morning greeted my entrepreneurial spirit with a big soft hug. The sun was sparkling over the horizon in hues of yellow orange. The birds were chirping, the pool water glistening, the dew on the grass glimmering and my head telling me to stop soaking it in and get into work. I muttered to myself, “Why can’t I just linger out here for an hour before starting my business day?” The answer was simple I am very dedicated to my business no matter what the weather or season.

I know I am similar to thousands of women entrepreneurs who have to greet beautiful summer mornings, pool invitations, children’s activities, family visits and special solstice celebrations with the heart of a lion so we can run our companies in the hot summer sun when others are basking in it. We don’t have the luxury of taking off too much time unless we have staff picking up the pace in our absence. So what is an entrepreneur to do when graced with the beauty of a summer work day?

I have found getting up before the sun rises, taking a run, and having a coffee in the morning light is the perfect way to start a summer work day. The grace of those moments should be followed up with a well planned timeline of duties scheduled for the day to help the entrepreneur work more diligently and focused with “play time” slated for the end of a shorter work day. Summer work success is all in the planning of the day.

My hope for you this week, as the middle of summer arrives, you get up early, face the morning with a slow cup of coffee or a fast run and take that energy to your desk with a detailed to-do-list that allows you to work hard and leave your office early. Then end your day with a big old cannon ball into a fresh lake or pool rejoicing in the fact you worked hard this beautiful summer day as a dedicated and fun loving entrepreneur.

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  1. July 28, 2015 11:28 am

    You make an excellent point. It is not about skipping all the “summer fun”, but it is about scheduling and planning your day so you can enjoy it! I have been able to successfully take time off (meaning leave my computer behind) a full week this summer already, and have had some shorter term breaks too! As you state, it took a lot of prep work and planning, but totally worth it! I NEED that time and enjoying the beautiful weather should not be missed!


  2. July 28, 2015 11:33 am

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Kimberly! I hope you find today to do a big cannon ball at the end of your successful work day!


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