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Summer Business Brain Storming Sessions

July 10, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


As I sat around a table with five other women entrepreneurs yesterday sharing our current business struggles or new goals, the rain was pouring so hard outside it almost interrupted our conversation. But the intense two hour sharing session was too heightened with innovation and interest in each other’s business to pause the conversation.

The women participating in the conversation were entrepreneurs with 5 to 23 years of business experience running small companies. As each person described their most pressing issue, recent challenge or future idea, they were greeted with perspective and suggestions from the other women.

As I recounted last night’s meeting, I had four nuggets of wisdom I wanted to share with my readers today hoping they inspire you as you look at your business today:

* Excellent personal service is coming back as something that makes entrepreneurs stand out from others because technology has taken away the “personal touches” that made businesses unique and successful in the past.

* In order to grow your business or your revenue, you must hire someone to take on your routine duties so you can sell and expand the company. You absolutely can’t grow alone.

* Collaborative relationships with other industry leaders, vendors or competitors could bring unique business revenue into your company. Keep your eyes and ears open to distinctive opportunities that connect you with others in your field and take a calculated risk.

* When your company is going through growing pains, make sure you update your legal documents to indicate changes or to add necessary new protection for yourself and your entity.

rainstormI hope the next time you have an opportunity to meet with a small group of women entrepreneurs, consider doing it. I guarantee you the ideas will be flowing as hard as an occasional summer rain storm.

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