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How the U.S. Women’s World Cup Soccer Win Helps All Women

July 6, 2015

WorldcupfeverYesterday was a thrilling day for spectators like Andrea von Witt, a Numerologist & Spiritual Coach from California, who attended the game, and other adoring fans who turned on their television sets, computers or phones to watch the World Cup Finals featuring the United States and Japan. What made the game so meaningful for me wasn’t the victorious women’s team with their spectacular team work and performance but the pure number of fans in the stands and around the world cheering on women.

High school and collegiate women’s sporting teams around America wish they had the same fan support as men. They play their hearts out every game in sports like lacrosse, soccer, and basketball to empty stadiums and gyms compared to men’s teams. I believe the more people who witness women at the top of their game in sports will soon rally behind them in all aspects of life – business, elections and equal pay.

worldcupEvery single woman’s victory is a victory for other women. Together we must continue to strive for justice, equality and fans in the stands. My hope is that every person who watched the World Cup games in person, turned on their television sets, or watched Twitter for updates, remembers to support women in every single aspect of life. I also hope they decide to show up for local girl’s athletic events in their own community.

Let’s start a movement. Let’s create more sporting opportunities for girls and women. I am proud of the efforts of people I know to support my 2 year old Women’s Athletic Network because “united in sports means we are united in spirit.” Let’s keep the cheering and winning going.

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  1. July 24, 2015 2:48 am

    I would be great to see more and more women building each other up … congrats to the women’s soccer team … woohoo!


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