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Business Inspiration: Success is in the Journey

June 3, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


I came across a quote yesterday that read, “The word ‘Success’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Succedere,” meaning ‘to go on well.’ This implies that success is a journey and not just a destination.” If you have been in business long enough you have felt successful after reaching a certain destination or after an excellent sales year or when you accomplished a large goal. Success can feel like it has a ‘beginning and an end’ more than an ongoing flow.

The month of June signifies this thought perfectly. Our professional and personal schedules have flowed with purpose since the beginning of the year traveling us through New Year’s resolutions, harsh winter weather, spring holidays and the arrival of birds and flowers. As the weather warms up, business flow changes sometimes making us feel like we are not as successful. We do not work as many long hours. We take more time to have lunch with friends and customers. We juggle vacation and school break schedules. The flow of regular business starts to meander away from us.

Similarly June can feel like the middle of our entrepreneurial career when the heart pumping excitement starts to wane and what seemed fresh seems slightly old. We might start losing more clients than gaining new ones. Our thoughts stale as time ticks on. We may not know where to go next. We ponder ways to reignite our passion, purpose and a plan to stay relevant, resourceful and responsive to our community. So what does one do when faced with the “middle stage” of a business year or the middle of their business life cycle?

I have learned entrepreneurs must stay inspired by listening to the success strategies of more successful entrepreneurs than themselves. They need to learn with new books, new classes, or new experiences. They cannot isolate themselves but rather surround themselves with people to share their emotions and thoughts to receive input. They need support.

stuckToday’s post is to remind you if you are feeling stuck in your business because you are in a “middle stage”, frustrated with the flow of your success or experiencing changes in your business that are causing stress, to realize the best resources to pull you through are inspiration, education and others. If June is making you feel uncomfortable or if you are in a plateau in your business with lack of focus, remember you are not alone. There are options and ways to reinvent yourself, your life and your company.

I know for certain success in business is a ‘journey’ you can’t accomplish alone no matter what the season of the year or company life span. High achieving business owners ensure they are always in the midst of others to help them travel down the road to a new destination.

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  1. June 4, 2015 9:47 am

    Thanks, Tracy – I just came through a very busy first half of the year and, as you say, with a little more down time coming on, I’ve been trying to not feel the reduction in busy-ness as a lack of business, treat to revenue, etc. Just a good reminder of the flow, and that maybe I can use some of this “extra time” to finally register for my MWBE or pursue creative aspects…or finally get to a Women TIES luncheon!


    • June 4, 2015 10:24 am

      Stacey: Thank you for your note. I am glad you are taking time to realize that “down time can be good time” for busy women entrepreneurs. Schedule your down time now with certain tasks so you accomplish them all before your next busy time arrives. Good luck and keep me posted. Always love seeing you at events. We have a great one about “Million Dollar Success Strategies” on June 23rd in Syracuse if you can make it! Tracy


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