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How Social Media Connections Support Great Causes and A Very Special Request

May 21, 2015

Social Media, Dave Matthews Band and Business Connections


My blog readers know me for my expertise and passion in helping women entrepreneurs and small businesses but those closest to me also know I am dedicated to community service work, my sons, and listening to the Dave Matthews Band every day. All of my passions are converging today in this one blog post which asks for social media support from my followers.

I know these truths: people love being inspired, people love helping others, and people are moved by great causes all because the world is truly full of wonderful human beings. So when my friend Susan Bertrand of Maureen’s Hope Foundation created a 501 C3 organization in the memory of her sister Maureen, who died of ovarian cancer 10 years ago, I became an advocate and board member of her cause. One of the special groups Susan’s organization helps is children with cancer and their parents in Syracuse, New York.

you and me bears alexaInspired by a Dave Matthews Band song, Susan’s uplifting organization launched the “You and Me” bear program five years ago to benefit children with cancer at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. When dreaming up a title of the project, her sons were playing Dave Matthews Band music in her house. The music sparked the inspiration for the project’s name which provides childhood cancer patients and their loved one with matching teddy bears. The bears are given to children in the hospital to share with a parent or sibling during times they may have to be apart. The bears are a simple reminder of the love they share. Now her organization is trying to reach Dave Matthews to let him know of this special program.

The other truth I believe in is the theory of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” a concept that two people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart. I am hoping this post is seen by someone who follows me that has a connection to Dave Matthews or someone in his band so we can share this story with him. Susan Bertrand said she isn’t looking for anything in particular from Matthews, but simply hopes to reach him with news of what the project has accomplished. There will be a contingent of us at the July 3rd and 4th Saratoga Performing Arts Center DMB Concerts and we’d love to connect with Dave there.

Today’s blog post is about the power of connections, social media and hope to see if anyone can connect us or share this story with the Dave Matthews Band. The link to an informative article on the program can be found and shared at this link:

One of the iconic sentences in Dave Matthews Band “You and Me” song is, “together we can do anything.” I hope with your help we can accomplish this goal and that you also consider using social media marketing connections for other great organizations and causes.

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