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Dedicating More Time to PR

April 8, 2015

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


There was a common thread that ran through three recent emails that tied into a powerful visual or vocal message. The first was a photo of 60 Easter baskets with purple bows being delivered to sick children at Golisano Children’s Hospital by Syracuse University football players. The second was a recorded interview on WAER giving tips on protecting homes and businesses from spring flooding. The third was an invitation by the owner of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Company to join her at a private dinner. The universal cord in these emails was the importance of how different aspects of public relations and publicity efforts create powerful images and opportunities.

SusanBertrandBeadsofHopeSusan Bertrand of Maureen’s Hope Foundation discovered by sharing the photograph of the easter basket delivery on Facebook provided her organization with the most views and shares she has ever had before – a powerful testimony to how sharing photos of your company’s goodwill can create extensive viral marketing.

redeemingrestoration2Sheri Osborn of Redeeming Restoration learned the value of landing a radio interview with WAER simply by sending out a press release with tips to help the station’s listeners when spring rains arrive and cause flooding damage. Not only did she receive the interview but social media marketing shares as well.

ChickenSoupforSoulThe Chicken Soup for the Soul event was a reminder to me that writing and submitting stories to national publications can produce a combination of valuable writing credentials and also future business and writing opportunities.

The time commitment by the these women entrepreneurs to perform or participate in these public relations activities was minimal compared to the maximum exposure they received from performing them. Keep in mind, public relations is defined as an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. These three PR stories are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to create positive press for a company.

Today’s blog post is meant to stir a desire within you to learn more about ways you can promote your company to brand its name and create awareness about your services, products and mission by using public relations. Where does PR land on the list of important communication duties you perform for your business? Should you be learning more about it or using it more often to share good news about your company? Like any task in business it must become a priority in order to receive its benefits.

I hope you keep the images of purple bows, spring flooding and chicken soup in your mind today and then dedicate more time in publicizing your own company.

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