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Business Transformations

March 21, 2015

Business advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs and small business owners


The first day of spring arrived yesterday and depending on where you live it might be hard to tell looking out your window. Yesterday might have also been a day when you noticed something stirring inside you. It might have been the itch to get outside, a craving for something new to happen in your life, or a transformation ready to bud. People like nature are always in the state of change. Women entrepreneurs are not any different.

Over the past 20 years of my entrepreneurial career I have spoken, counseled and advised hundreds of women going through change. Changes happen the moment they open up their business doors, during the pivotal three year mark when business starts taking off, and during the seven year itch when they start wanting to make corporate adjustments. Often times when a big date is approaching like the fifth, tenth or twenty-fifth anniversary of their company, they start reviewing their accomplishments and creating plans for new ones.

When we witness a caterpillar in its cocoon as it beings its transformation from a bug to a colorful flying insect, we know being tightly wrapped up in its own space for a period of time is necessary to emerge different. It’s the same in business when we notice a need to change. We might need to be wrapped up in our own thoughts, be alone and listen to how we are feeling. We might need to set up a cocoon like setting for our transformation.

crocusJust like the crocus knows when to pop up above the snow, and the leaves on the trees start to bud, we know when it is time to emerge and break open to a new way of doing business. The transformation time period can be painful but only after emerging do we look back and recognize the need for that restless season.

If you feel like it is time to spread your wings like the beautiful butterflies, or pop out like the crocus and tree buds, do it and do it confidently knowing that the hush that has been shrouding you is gone and only bright, beautiful new sounds and sights await you. It’s time to emerge into a more brilliant, bountiful business season.

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  1. March 23, 2015 12:37 pm

    Will be sharing this for sure Tracy. There is no doubt, at least for me, that the seasons have a profound effect on my outlook. And Spring is a great time for renewal!


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