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In the Dead of Winter, Color Your World Women Entrepreneurs

February 11, 2015

Business inspiration and advice for women entrepreneurs


The yellow worn out inspirational book I have read every day for the past 10 years had this title for today’s reading, “Fill Your World with Color and Beauty.” It seems like my Facebook friends who are vacationing in Florida or living in California definitely have color and beauty surrounding them. Maybe we don’t feel the same when we look out at more white snow blanketing all that is green and colorful.

If you look beyond the six foot snow banks, frozen ponds, steel blue skies into your own entrepreneurial life, you will find color and beauty. You probably see the green of revenue growing in your bank account, feel the warmth of the color red when you shake a loyal vendors hand or see yellow in the glowing testimonies of your customers. Business life is colorful or we wouldn’t be living it so passionately.

It’s easy to focus on the beige drudgery of filling in our tax books, viewing the long white lists of cold calls to be made or discovering grey matter in our brains when we need to find creativity. The choice to be made in any moment as women entrepreneurs is whether we focus on the grind or the glory of life. Mid-February can test our souls and yet every day provides us the opportunity to grab the golden handle and open up new economic doors to fill our businesses with light.

Today’s blog post is to help you see today as not another cold winter day where life and business drags on; but rather a brilliant colorful, beautiful day filled with possibility. Why not start your morning off by reaching out to media to gain some PR, calling a favorite customer, pitching yourself as a speaker, scheduling lunch with a favorite person, signing up for one of our great events, learning something new online so you charge up your morning with beautiful color. If you are out today, buy a lottery ticket, buy yourself pink tulips and treat yourself to something you’ve wanted. Bring the beauty back into your life if all you see and feel is white.

springgreenSoon….very soon….the green of spring will encompass your life and you will feel good just looking out your windows. Realize you have all you need today to feel that way inside your heart and office walls. Embrace color and beauty today and give yourself the pick-up you need to be happy and prosperous.

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