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Ingenuity Brings New Flavor and Revenue Into A Business

December 9, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


A cherry cordian Hersey kiss sits on my desk a sign of business ingenuity. This season the shelves were lined with a multitude of choices from this candy icon – kisses filled with almonds, raspberry filled options, sensational peanut butter varieties, and white chocolate too. Next to this shelf of chocolate varieties were assortments of multi-colored, multi-flavored candy canes. I wonder why and when the producers of these two traditional confectioneries decided it was time to change it up. The change in color and flavors of these staple holiday candies didn’t stop me from buying the brand; it just gave me scrumptious new options.

Every where I hosted events this year, women entrepreneurs were announcing additional service or product developments. A cookbook producer added an exquisite line of cookie products shipped in a beautiful golden tin to capture a corner of the gift buying market. A woman who invented an inside plastic hanging garden window box now produces logo etched artwork for other businesses. The creator of a personal organizing business added new services and workshops to capture a corporate audience. Why did these business owners decide to change it up?

There are diverse reasons for sprucing up or adding on to one’s business staple offerings. The top reasons are to create additional revenue streams, to answer consumer needs, to expand into a new market, to utilize existing resources in a new way and maybe even to delight customers with scrumptious new varieties of a popular product they didn’t even know they wanted yet. Entrepreneurs must be inventive to begin their ventures, it only makes sense they remain ingenious during the life of their enterprise.

Today’s post is to encourage you to remain inventive in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Make sure you are tapping into ways to keep your company fresh and interesting not only for yourself but for consumers. Before this year draws to an end, contemplate additional products or services you could add in 2014 or twisting a current offering into something a little more exciting to market and sell. Look around and notice what others are doing and spin off something unique of your own.

Scrumptious new offerings aren’t always found wrapped in cherry or chocolate, they can be draped in our own ingenuity and creativity and offered as a delightful new revenue source and creative new spark for ourselves and our customers.

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