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“It’s Time” – Entrepreneurial Wisdom for Women

October 30, 2014

Business and Entrepreneurial Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

As I sat in the beautiful mansion cradled in the valley of the Berkshire Mountains, known as one of the best energy vortexes in the world; the message that bubbled up in me after listening to my client’s instructions was “It’s Time.” We had just completed an exercise to find a short meaningful statement to keep at our desks or hang on our wall to move us forward in business. Everyone hand a different statement but I loved mine for a number of reasons.

As my 50th birthday approaches next week on November 7th, the 10th anniversary of Women TIES arrives on March 3rd and the 20th anniversary of Five Star Events and the birth of my entrepreneurial life are celebrated on August 8th, the thought of time has been forefront in my mind. It’s not realizing how much time has passed but rather the amount of time I feel I have left to accomplish more.

It’s a known fact women entrepreneurs are less likely to take risks compared to men. It could be because we are filled with a combination of wisdom, intuition and contemplation. Often as a milestone approaches we analyze whether we have taken the appropriate risks, adventures and opportunities to make us fulfilled; and to search for the spark of life still resonating within us to strive for more success. I don’t know many people who stop to think about their lives and decide “I’m good. I’m all set. I’m done achieving.”

Perhaps we need to be more childlike in our approach to risk. Children are great experimenters; they aren’t attached to the outcome of anything they do. They enjoy the experience. Maybe we need to let go of the outcomes too and focus on what we still want to do in business. Maybe it’s time to stop thinking, and start doing something special that rests in our heart.

Today’s post is meant to have you contemplate how you feel about what you have accomplished so far in your entrepreneurial life. Do you keep growing because you keep taking risks? Are you making more money now because you are willing to push forward with new ideas and investments? Is there more you know you want to do – and if so, do you have a vision and plan? Perhaps you should give yourself some “time” to contemplate your deepest desires. Maybe you will even find a personal statement to use as a motivator to lead you to larger goals.

Bottom line, there is always enough time. There truly is. For me, I know “It’s Time” to start setting some loftier goals. Maybe you’d like to walk alongside me in the same journey?

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