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The Value of Business Development: Maybe Now Is The Time

October 15, 2014

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

As I rode my bike on the new beautiful biking, running and walking path along Onondaga Lake high above the water during a beautiful 82 degree fall day, I noticed the development work that has been done along the shoreline since the path opened in early spring. You can see the works that’s been done to build up the shoreline and improve the water quality.

What a gift this new development is to the Syracuse community. Along the path there were signs announcing the Empire State Marathon being held there this Sunday for the first time. I thought to myself, as I enjoyed the breathtaking views during the 8 mile round trip excursion, this “new development” was the vision, hard work and success of a multitude of people and agencies. I’m thankful to whoever funded, created and implemented this new outdoor gift.

As women entrepreneurs we forget that we need to keep developing our own companies. We need to think about what we have currently, how it can be improved, how the improvements will enhance our customer’s experiences with us and the positive impact it can have in the marketplace. We are so busy working all the time on immediate items there is limited time to consider new innovative ideas that need development.

Today’s blog post is to remind you to conjure up a few new developments for your business next year. What services or products have your clients asked you for? What are your competitors doing that you could tweak and personalize to go with your brand and implement? What major overhauls have you wanted to conduct but haven’t found time to do? Maybe now is the time.

Keep in mind the Onondaga Lake bikers, runners and walkers who are inspired every day because they get to view the beauty of this new lakeside view. What do your customers deserve to experience through your company that will inspire them as well?

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