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Reasons to Grow Your Business

August 18, 2014


I loved the response to a phone call I had made to one of my busy members. The message said, “Feel free to reach out to my new business manager this week” For the past two years this member has extensively promoted her company. Like many busy women entrepreneurs she promotes and sells whenever she can; but this particular woman had a goal and that goal was realized this year.

The goal was to increase the number of divisions in her company and the staff to run the divisions. She wanted to grow to the point where she couldn’t handle any more duties on her own – a time that would allow her to work “on” her business, not “in” her business. Now she has talented individuals handling jobs she has created out of hard work and a lot of effort.

So if you are a solo business owner wondering how to get to the point when you can say, “Feel free to reach out to my business manager” than consider the advice we’ve witnessed from this highly successful woman over the years:

Realize You Cannot Do It All By Yourself – “Another mouth to feed” can be scary in itself, but if you want to grow your business, you have to grow your business. Dependable employees can and do make all the difference.

Don’t Just Create a Staff, Create a Team – Why should you hire staff because your Business standards become difficult to maintain; your work/life is out of balance; and you need to free up time to work on expanding the business.

Benefits of Hiring Staff – It will enhance professionalism and create increased creditability. It also sets the stage for additional business growth.

Use the Fear – If you are scared about making the decision to add staff, check your gut. It is scary because it is a big step or because it is wrong. Follow your instincts, then call create a plan if you want to move ahead.

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