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Education Needed For Continued Business Success

July 9, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


I remember sitting at my desk in ninth grade smelling freshly cut grass listening to my literature teacher. The air coming through the window was humid yet fresh and enveloped me. Of all my memories of middle school, this one stands out. Was it because all my senses were being used, was it the subject matter, was it the way my teacher presented the material or because it was the beginning of summer?

Even farther back I remember at the end of every elementary school year, cautiously opening my report card to see if I had gotten A’s, B’s or C’s. I wanted to know if I passed the grade and who my next teacher was going to be. I had hoped I’d end up in class with my best friend. Do you remember the same memories?

After college, I enjoyed post graduate work as I worked towards a Masters of Business Management. This time school consisted of night classes worked around my professional career. I remember listening very “intently” to my Corporate Finance teacher who was from Cameroon, Africa. I wasn’t the only student who couldn’t understand anything he said due to his heavy accent and teaching style. Yet, I passed and another school memory was created.

I love always loved learning. It’s one of the reasons I embrace educational opportunities whenever I can and create 40 educational opportunities annually for women entrepreneurs to learn business strategies from other successful females. It’s also the reason I created a special “Summer School on Sales and Social Media Marketing” next week. Attendees won’t walk away with a year’s worth of elementary education or a semester of night class, but its purpose is the same – to learn new knowledge, to embrace new thoughts, and to implement them to improve one’s life.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to think back to your favorite educational moments in life and remember why they felt so important. It is also to motivate you to continue to educate yourself whether at business events, formal online business programs, or major industry conferences. You can find wisdom in books but there is something special about learning in person. It might be because of the memories that stick with us when we are learning.

I hope you continue to make education an important part of your entrepreneurial journey. If you’d like to experience “Summer School” as an adult, why not join me next Friday in Syracuse for a special program on converting social media contacts into customers. Just maybe you will end up creating another brilliant educational memory to savor forever.

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