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Staying Innovative in Business

March 26, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


As I sat across looking at the rosy cheeks of my new running partner, one of my members and a creative food blogger, she said, “We are suppose to always be trying new things aren’t we?” I know she was referring to our first night of running in a new 5K training program as we sat slightly breathless over a hot green tea. “Yes we are,” I said. Her question resurrected itself again when I opened my business doors this morning.

It’s a great question to ponder if you are a woman entrepreneur, “We are suppose to always be trying new things, aren’t we?” I believe we are. We should. We need to. I would also say, we should try new things as long as we are paying attention to what we are already committed to so we don’t become too scattered in our intentions and actions.

Entrepreneurship is about innovation. We wouldn’t have created our business if we didn’t have the innovative idea to start a company. The trick with running a growing business is making sure we have a core mission we remain focused on as well as a business plan we adhere to. The timing to know when to add something new that serves our clientele, our overall corporate goals and us is vital to success.

One of the best parts of being a business owner is the ability to dream big and wide. A better part of being an entrepreneur is to know when to say yes and when to say no when it comes to business development. If the time feels right to expand or add something new, do the due diligence needed to make sure it economically feasible, helps your current business grow and answers a need in the marketplace.

Today’s blog post is to encourage those new projects lingering in your heart and head as long as you make sure you do the research you need before you launch. Do a mini-business plan for your new division. Crunch the numbers. Create its own marketing plan. Seek advice from others. Add staff if you need support. Make sure now is the right time.

TracyandAnnieYou can, should and must be innovative to stay and feel alive in business. Dream big and wide and do the work you must to make a new entrepreneurial vision a successful reality. Remember, “We are supposed to always be trying new things.”

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  1. March 27, 2014 10:08 am

    I really like your focus on try something new as long as we keep in mind our core values and mission. Otherwise, our attention and direction become scattered and, eventually, less impactful!


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