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Powerful Quiet Business Periods

February 12, 2014

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The heavy snow laden boughs of pine branches speak as if they can’t take one more ounce of pressure. The squirrels no longer frolic in the yard because the snow is too deep to allow them free play. The world is white from top to bottom cushioning the sound of anything but the slight noise of snow hitting the window. It feels as though the Central New York is fast asleep under the blanket of mid-February weather.

Once in awhile running a business can feel like living in Central New York in February. The pressure of too much work or decreasing sales puts pressure on us like the snow on the branches. Being indecisive about adding a new service or product to our company limits our free flowing entrepreneurial pace like the squirrels play. Sometimes the lack of noise resonating from our phones, websites and social media feed makes us feel too cushioned from the energy of the business world.

What is a woman entrepreneur to do when the stillness of a slow business season feels heavier, quieter, and more stressful than one wants? The answer lies in accepting the reality of the moment, fueling one’s spirit with new energy and working towards new goals or exciting projects to focus the mind on what’s ahead, not on what’s happening now.

It’s hard to be quiet, still or patient when we feel like we want to run, soar and succeed. But just like the Olympic athletes that have to train methodically months in advance of a competition to be ready for a big event, woman entrepreneurs must accept quieter periods of business to prepare for a brighter future. We can’t operate at a fast pace 24/7, 365 days a year or we’ll expire. We must pace ourselves during certain periods to get ahead in the end.

Today’s post is to remind you that quiet periods in business are okay. Don’t let the stillness of the winter season make you less confident in what you are doing. Take the time to re-examine your goals, set new plans and start working towards the time when the world will be busy again, when the grass grows, when the sun shines and when doing business is hard because the beauty of being outside pulls at your heart. Those days will come; just like the successful plans you have fermenting now. Be peaceful knowing quiet is good sometimes and using the power of today to plan for tomorrow.

There is beauty in every season outside our windows and inside our hearts. Learn to accept, embrace and silently dream forward so your entrepreneurial dreams are ready to bud like the cherry blossoms and croquis in a few months with the rest of Central New York.

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