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How Facebook’s 10th Anniversary Inspires Action By Entreprenerus

February 5, 2014

Business advice for small business and women entrepreneurs


By the end of yesterday’s business day, my Facebook newsfeed wasn’t filled with typical weather related news or business promotions but one minute personal videos of my social media friends who shared their gift from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on their company’s 10th Anniversary. Obviously the gift was a big hit based on the number of videos I saw on my page.

As a long time event planner and public relations expert, I appreciate the action by Facebook to celebrate their milestone moment by giving their customers something to enjoy, share and talk about. Business owners sometimes permit anniversary moments to slip by without acknowledging the importance they bring to their company; and using the moment to share it with people invested in their business.

It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to plan, celebrate or communicate golden moments in your life, it takes attention and action. Just like you wouldn’t let your son or daughter, mother or father or a significant other’s birthday roll by without doing something celebratory, you shouldn’t let the anniversary of your company’s beginning slip by either without conducting an event, message, special or offering.

Every March 3rd on the birthday of Women TIES, I think seriously about what I can roll-out to thank my supporters and members for their participation in our company. It’s the perfect time of year to add a new product or service or announce something new. On our upcoming 9th birthday, I have a few new services to launch to help our members connect even more and to help them market their companies more.

Today’s post should inspire you to start thinking now of how you can utilize your company’s birthday from a public relations and customer appreciation perspective. Should you start planning a special event, an outstanding free offering, gifts for major clients, a lunch for all your staff, or a major public relations event to share with the larger community? Think about what other companies have done to celebrate their birthdays and add on from there.

As Mark’s Facebook message said, “Life isn’t just about the trip you take, but who you decide to share it with.” I know I’ve been blessed with sharing my entrepreneurial trip with amazing women from all over New York State for that I am very grateful. I remain dedicated to improving our company to benefit them.

If you are interested in watching Women TIES recent video message to women entrepreneurs wanting to learn more about our company, check out our recent video message on YouTube at

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  1. February 5, 2014 12:35 pm

    This is wonderful Tracy…and a great reminder. This year I am also celebrating an anniversary of sorts. It will be 10 years since I have been the sole owner of Access Profiles, Inc. (before that I had partners). I am now thinking what I can do to celebrate this accomplishment!

    I also have to agree that the personal videos FB gave us were wonderful. I really loved watching what others had to share (and felt even more connected to them in the process)!

    Now I will be sharing your article too!


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