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Super Bowl Marketing Style

January 29, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small business owners

One of the biggest marketing events of the year happens this Sunday. I don’t just love the Super Bowl because I love watching sports; I love the Super Bowl to glimpse the creative mindset of companies who produce million dollar commercials. I wish a couple million dollars would land in my lap so I could ingeniously create and air a commercial during the Super Bowl.

What would my commercial look like? I envision it including women entrepreneurs standing hand-in-hand from California to New York as a sign of unity and collaborative spirit in supporting each other’s business dreams. I also see it with women entrepreneurs standing on top their own mountains symbolizing they’re the pinnacle of success by creating their own companies. I also envision it with women entrepreneur’s piggy banks exploding simultaneously around the globe because too much money is accumulating in them because other women were hiring them more often.

I should have used one of my visions when I produced a commercial last week with Deborah Cabral, creator of her own show “Organization Motivation” launching in Syracuse on February 2nd, the same day as the Super Bowl. But alas, my marketing budget wasn’t quite as high as Budweiser although I’m proud Women TIES will be a year-long advertiser of the show getting our company great marketing. Deb has thought super dreams for four years and her vision to own and produce her own TV show now airing in two New York State markets is coming to life on Super Bowl Sunday.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to start thinking about super big dreams, super big advertising goals, and super big monetary visions today – right now. Sometimes we act small doing what is necessary to just get by with our companies. I think it’s time to kick-start our creativity bringing excitement, attention and new energy to our business? It starts with dreaming big and getting excited about something new to challenge you.

I have some super new changes being launched at Women TIES before our 9th Anniversary on March 3rd so stay tuned! I don’t have the budget to make it a Super Bowl commercial but maybe by next year I will. Keep dreaming in super style entrepreneurs!

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