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Smart Business: Attend to Security Issues

January 20, 2014

Business advice for women entrepreneurs and small businesses


Starting a work week off focusing on legal issues isn’t something an entrepreneur likes dealing with on a Monday morning; but periodically occasions occur that force business owners to focus on immediate, official matters. With multiple responsibilities looming every day, checking our company’s security can slip to the end of the task list until something occurs that needs immediate attention.

The legal issues that arose recently in my company weren’t nearly as severe as the security threats for the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi but for a small operation like mine they were pressing. One issue was related to business between two parties that use my services and the other an unexpected payment deduction from a financial account. Both issues jumped to the top of my priority list and prompted my action and this blog post to help others avoid their own security problems in 2014.

What small security tasks should you perform today as a women entrepreneur to ensure a more safe and secure corporation? Here are a few that rose to the top of our list to share with you:

* Change your passwords once a month – Although changing passwords on multiple daily accounts and then having to memorize them seems trivial, it’s not. Choose one date each month to change the passwords on key accounts including: financial or Pay Pal accounts, your own website’s account and your social media marketing sites. By making this a regular habit, you’ll minimize the chances for a breech in security. Store the passwords in a private place you can access at anytime.

*Create vital legal wording for your website and documents once a year – A lot can happen in business over 365 days. Any customer or employee issues that arise within your company during the year should be documented and discussed with your attorney. If necessary, ask your attorney for legalese to use on your website and communication pieces with customers or staff to minimize future corporate issues. It’s worth the investment of money and time now.

* Re-evaluate your insurance policies – If you haven’t reviewed or updated your insurance in a year or more, make a date with your agent. Remember insurance is financial protection against loss or harm. We never think we need insurance until something like a natural disaster or unexpected situation arises. Also if your company has grown, you need to make sure your coverage is adequate for any surprise situation.

Give yourself peace of mind today by taking the small, necessary steps to protect yourself, your business and your future. It might be the smartest thing you do all year long.

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