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Serendipitous Business Moments

November 20, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


I love serendipity; those occasions in life when fate, fortune and destiny are wrapped into an experience. They can come in a blink of an eye or after an hour long experience. They can be watershed moments that confirm something you know to be true. They are powerful, purposeful and perfect.

As I sat with 60 women yesterday listening to Kitty Van Bortel, Founder of Van Bortel Cars, describe so beautifully the challenges and victories of becoming the first female car dealership in Rochester and growing her company to 280 employees and 150 million in sales, I experienced serendipity. It came as Kitty described her shear fortitude for success in a male dominated industry and then her validation of the importance of the Women TIES mission as she said, “Until Tracy spoke about the Women TIES mission of putting more money in the hands of other women, I wouldn’t of thought about it and yet it so important after experiencing what I have throughout my career. From now on, my company will start making more purchasing decisions based on the Women TIES mission and buying from more women owned companies.”

As a long time entrepreneur who wonders whether to share my mission at every single event even though half the audience already knows it, I knew in that serendipitous moment I should and so should every woman running her own company today. You don’t know who will hear your rationale for being in business and commit on the spot to doing business with you or spreading your message to others. For a woman with the buying power of this highly successful woman to say she’ll start putting more of her money in the hands of other women because I shared my message means more women will be earning money. As one attendee said to me as she left, “You must be so proud that she heard your mission and will act on it.”

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to share your personal and corporate mission more often than not; even when you think people have already heard it. There will always be new people in the room to be moved by it, act on it and then share it. We have to remain the strongest advocates for ourselves and our businesses doing whatever is necessary to convey its purpose in order to help ourselves and our clients.

I hope your week ahead is full of serendipitous moments when you realize with 100% conviction that your entrepreneurial purpose is exactly what it is suppose to be. Stay wrapped up in the moment as long as you can and let the memories of the feeling carry you forward to a more successful future.

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