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Looking Forward in Business

October 30, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


The weathered pages of my favorite book greet me each morning and inspire me with its words. The content is always fresh even though I’ve had the daily inspirational paperback for 7 years. Inspiration always feels like a bright light to me any time I feel it. This morning’s reading was entitled “The Best is yet to Come.” Although it was not written for women entrepreneurs, I always take away business wisdom from each chapter so the rest of this editioral was created by what I interpreted in today’s passage.

If you feel like you have already had many unbelievable experiences with your business, met incredible people, and visited new corporate horizons, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come. We aren’t allotted a limited amount of good times in life even though there are times when we feel our luck is running out. Sometimes when we are at the end of a business relationship, major project or affiliation, we feel sad losing the bond and saying goodbye.

We must always be willing to move forward taking the memories of great times, excellent clients, and successful projects with us. They will be retained in our memories. It’s when we cling onto things too long that they limit our ability to welcome new beginnings. Every ending is tied to a new start, always. The best thing to do is to accept the loss of something you have loved, cherish the memories and move on.

Today’s post is to inspire you to keep yourself open to the possibilities that lie before you, not what is behind you. Our lives are full of abundant opportunities. It is up to us to embrace and embark on new experiences with open hearts and minds. There are so many more places to see, a hundred more people to meet, challenging lessons to learn and joys to be experienced. What is lying ahead for you that you just don’t see yet? It’s an exciting thought.

I hope you walk through the threshold of any new door that is opening for you right now with the thought, “The Best is Yet to Come.” Transcend any limiting thoughts and trust what lies ahead is going to be truly wonderful.

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