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The Value of One Hundred Dollars

October 29, 2013

Business Advice for Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Today is the first anniversary of devastating Hurricane Sandy catastrophe. I wanted to re-post the blog post I wrote one year ago because it has a valuable life and business lesson within it. I hope it inspires you today.

This morning as I listened to the morning news, I felt a strong desire to help the Hurricane Sandy victims and donated $100 to the American Red Cross relief efforts. The $100 is being matched. I know my small contribution will mean a hundred times that to one family.

I know because when I was in my mid-twenties, my father lost his job and had 3 small children at home. He called me with the news. Immediately I wanted to do something. My husband and I decided to buy them $100 worth of groceries. $100 to us at that time was a lot of money. My family was extemely grateful for the donation.

Yesterday at one of my regional events where women entrepreneurs can sell products to increase their holiday sales, I bought $100 worth of gifts from a couple business owners. Giving them money and supporting their business was impactful for them and me.

If you have forgotten the value of $100 dollars and how it can help someone today. Remember these facts about what one hundred dollars can do:

* It puts a full tank of gas in two people’s cars who can’t find or afford fuel.
* It provides a week of food for a family that’s hungry.
* It supplies warm blankets to a family waiting for heat.
* It produces 20 cases of bottled water to a family who’s thirsty.

I ask that anyone who follows me through my business connections, family ties or friendship, sends a donation to the American Red Cross today. It is easy to do and will bring a small amount of relief to our neighbors in New York and New Jersey.

The value of $100 is truly priceless when you give it out of love and compassion to help people you don’t know. Give and live generously.

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