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Columbus Day Creativity for Women Entrepreneurs

October 14, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business


It’s Columbus Day 2013 and the business world is a little quiet today. Government agencies are closed, children are off of school, parents take vacation days to enjoy a long weekend, and even the entrepreneurial world slows down because others are not working. So what’s a woman entrepreneur to do?

If you are struggling to find energy and focus today and the to-do-list on your desk is just not motivating you enough because no one else is working, why not try a creative exercise today which might jumpstart some new innovative products or services for your company in the near future?

This creative lesson was taught to me five years ago at one of our Women TIES programs. The speaker challenged women entrepreneurs in the audience to take half a day to create 100 ideas for their business. It was an exercise I found extremely helpful. The only hard part about the challenge was trying to get past idea #40. At that magic number, I started running out of ordinary business concepts. I had to really press on and ended up discovering some brilliant, zany and yet plausible ideas which were dreamt up between the 70th and 100th idea. It is amazing how the brain can be tested to produce results.

A few ideas to get you started thinking out of the box:

* Could your product be produced in a different way or on unique material? For example taking a regular paper invitation and making it edible?

* Could you produce your own YouTube business series to promote more hits to your blog?

* Should you send your product to QVC and take a chance to sell large?

* Should you start putting your best business advice into a book to sell?

So I challenge you on this Columbus Day to try this entrepreneurial exercise. Muster up all your creative energy. Walk away from your computer with a pad of paper and pen and only your thoughts to inspire you. I guarantee by the end of the day you’ll review the list and discover one or two really cool or very smart ideas to implement in your business.

I hope this creative exercise produces new revenue in the next year so on Columbus Day 2014 you are joining fellow vacationers on a well deserved holiday with some extra money in your bank account. Here’s to creativity today!

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