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How Football Can Inspire Women Entrepreneurs

September 26, 2013

Business Advice for Entrepreneurs


Two nights ago I watched a special ESPN documentary entitled “The Book of Manning,” a glimpse into the successful football careers of Father Archie Manning and his two sons Peyton and Eli Manning. The show shared the history of what made college football a family heirloom for them. If you don’t know me well, then you might not know I love sports as much as I love my sons, writing and promoting New York State women entrepreneurs, so I really enjoyed watching the piece.

If you follow my blog you know every day observations trigger me to look for entrepreneurial lessons to share with my readers. I’m always listening with ears and eyes wide open to glean something that inspires me to write a business post. As a daughter of a football player and high school football coach, the sport has always warmed my soul because of its connection to my father.

As I watched this excellent show on the Manning family, their love for football, their love for each other, and their dedication to excellence on the field, I walked away understanding how their successes on the field could translate to an entrepreneur’s success in the business arena.

Today’s post is about football and business and what they have in common – at least in my athletic, entrepreneurial soul. Even if you don’t love the sport, I think the following lessons can help your business today:

* If you are extremely passionate and dedicated to one venture – one sport, one business, one niche market – you can become very successful in your field. A strong commitment to the pursuit of one major goal – like making the NFL or earning a million in sales or growing a company to 40 employees in five years – can create the focus and hardwork needed to receive the payoff you dream of one day. Set a big goal for your business right now and then pursue it fervently.

*Just like the Manning’s were willing to share their story – to see it as a book others would like to read – entrepreneurs need to share their story with consumers and clients so they better understand the motivation and devotion to their enterprise and ultimately to their customers. If you don’t have your story written down yet as an “About” section on your website or blog, commit to writing something this week. It will lend an inside perspective to your corporate intentions.

* The media is always looking for interesting stories, people and businesses to highlight in a world of news that has to be produced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Don’t underestimate the power of your own business story and how the media might be interested in promoting what you do to help the economy or consumers. Be your own best advocate by reaching out to media with interesting facts about your company when they develop.

It’s always wise to be looking for business inspiration everywhere you go. You might just find a wealth of motivation to create more “touchdowns” for your business.

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  1. September 27, 2013 9:30 am

    Great advice regarding how entrepreneurs could relate business to football, and stay interested. Thank you for sharing this article.



  1. How Football Can Inspire Women Entrepreneurs | Women TIES

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