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The Wisdom to Succeed

August 28, 2013

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


“I trust the wisdom in my heart to inspire and guide my life” is a quote from Bhante Wimala given from Susan Beebe of Lighthouse Marketing to an audience of women at our Binghamton event a few years ago. We hosted a special event to inspire the women in the Southern Tier who had suffered economic loss from recent devastating floods. I’ve read that quote every day since receiving it especially because the words “wisdom” and “inspire” have been an essential part of my corporate vocabulary since creating Women TIES eight years ago.

When Susan and I spoke about having her present at the annual conference I produce each year we spoke about the significance of this quote and the fear women have of success. You may think women fear failure more than success but I know from hearing women’s stories that isn’t always true. I know women who have held back their entrepreneurial success because their success would take them away from their families, others who thought growth would saddle them with too much responsibility and pressure, and some who didn’t believe they would get the financing they needed to boost operations. Fear in some way stopped them in their tracks.

But Susan is going to challenge women to look within themselves at the possible reasons they may be holding back and their ability to move forward bravely taking their business to the next big level. The program will help women expand their vision of what success looks like after they conquer the fear of success. I think women need to examine their thoughts and behaviors periodically to make sure they are on the right path.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to envision what success looks like to you if you had no fear. What would you do with your business, in your business, or with your business? What stumbling blocks would you need to overcome to take the next big step forward? What beliefs, tasks or duties would you need to leave behind to move further faster? Who would you need to know or talk with to gain advice and knowledge?

Whether these questions cause anxiety or anticipation as you consider your entrepreneurial future, realize you must face fear to truly succeed and you should always trust the wisdom in your heart to guide you forward.

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