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Three Tips to Make Any Event a Success

June 18, 2013

Event Planning Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


After planning and managing events through Five Star Events and Women TIES of all sizes and scopes for two decades I know one thing for sure…you can’t create a successful event without organization. Whether you’re trying to plan a business board meeting, annual conference or in my case a private graduation party for 120 on Saturday, you need three key tools to make any occasion successful.

It all starts with a vision. I always start by envisioning the end of the affair as my guests are leaving. I visualize what they say, how they feel, what they comment about and what they considered special. By visualizing the end product, you can create the essence of your party. For example: My son’s graduation party this weekend will be themed with food that represents the “Syracuse Orangeman” since my son will enter Syracuse University in the fall. From that vision, I know the colors, food selections and theme to make the event memorable and fun. Once the vision is set and before your mind gets overwhelmed with planning a big event, put every detail related to the event on paper. From the menu to the decorations to the guest list, write down everything that must be accomplished before the big day. Once you’ve created your list, work backwards putting completion dates to tasks. Soon you’ll have the perfect planning document to use from start to finish.

Finally on the day the event arrives, make sure you empty your mind of any stress or tiredness, refresh yourself and realize you are the host of the event. Your mood and energy will set the tone for everyone else. Put on music that moves you, think of the special people joining you or the purpose of the affair and get pumped up for your special occasion. Making sure you enjoy the event will guarantee your guests will enjoy it too.

Adam'sGraduationPhoto Events produce excitement and energy. You’ll feel it building as the important day arrives. By visualizing, planning and enjoying the event, you’ll produce a special occasion for everyone including yourself and by remembering my professional motto, “Success is in the Details,” you’ll be assured your special occasion goes off perfectly.

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