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The Power of Now: Taking the Shot

May 29, 2013

Business Advice


This morning’s inspiration rose from an unlikely business source; but I have always believed there are inspirational business moments in everyday life. Today’s wisdom was created from an exciting, double over-time lacrosse win in the Carrier Dome last night. It taught me about the power of now.

By nature entrepreneurs need to be planners. It’s pretty hard to run a company by the seat of one’s pants hoping the best, most rewarding and fruitful situations will arise if we don’t plan for success. But we shouldn’t forget that some of our best decisions arise from a sudden opportunity which inspires us in the heat of a moment.

As my son’s lacrosse game went into its second overtime period last night, spectators witnessed the effects of well trained sportsmen on the field fighting for an important title. Fifteen years of grueling practice, play and conditioning eleven months of the year had brought them to the final seconds of the game; but it only took one shot by one player to land the victory – a split minute decision harnessed by the power of the moment won the game.

How often do we as business owners miss taking the shots that present themselves to us because we are so use to planning? The longer we are in business it seems the less risky we are and the more cemented we become in our ways of succeeding. Being well prepared and having a plan is essential to accomplish great feats but so is taking those unexpected shots too. As hockey great Wayne Gretzky’s once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Today’s post is to challenge you to think about those business shots you aren’t taking, the risks you keep leaning away from, and the opportunities you are afraid of seizing. The economy is getting stronger day by day so stop being afraid to make the decisions you know you need to make to capture success. We can’t live in trepidation and succeed. We must be willing to up our game at any moment.

I hope today you realize you have done your homework, you have put in a lot of hours, you are well conditioned in the ways of entrepreneurship, now it’s time to take more action, to take more risks to gain bigger rewards. Be inspired. Be fearless. Make sure you take that next shot and live in the power of now.

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