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Planning for Business Success During the Summer Season

May 24, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


As Memorial Day approaches business owners have mixed feelings about beginning the summer season when their customers start taking vacations, collaborative partners slow down business projects and their own mental energy yearns to relax while children are home from school or college and family comes to visit.

If you don’t have a business that thrives during the summer sales season, keeping focused, earning sales and conducting routine business can become difficult. Today’s blog post is to share a few summer business strategies that have worked for Women TIES the past 8 years in business. We hope it motivates you to find a balance of work and pleasure this upcoming summer season.

* Adjust your work schedule or work hours. Since the sun comes up early every morning and traveling to work isn’t hampered by bad weather conditions, consider adjusting your entire work schedule to get to work earlier so you can leave earlier at the end of the day to enjoy your personal life. Send an email or letter to your clients listing your summer hours, change your hours of operation on your website and social media sites, and post the change on your store doors. As long as customers know when they can reach you, they will accept your summer hours.

* Adjust your revenue projections for summer sales. If summer is typically a slower sales month, project what you need to bring in each month and how you’ll catch-up with sales the day after Labor Day and in the fourth quarter of the year. Most entrepreneurs see dips in their sales at some point in the year. Understanding when yours might occur and planning appropriately will take the stress out of enjoying a more relaxed summer business pace.

* Take some time to plan while you’re enjoying a less hectic corporate pace. While you are relaxing away from your corporate office this summer, don’t forget to think about some new, exciting business goals when you return. “Down time” can inspire creative business ideas. Focus on new, inventive business concepts while you relax this summer. It might be the best thing you could do for the future of your company.

Memorial Day Weekend which begins the summer season doesn’t have to produce fear in the hearts of entrepreneurs worried about summer business success. Embrace this special time, make the most out of enjoying it while still being a good entrepreneur.

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