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Experimenting with Facebook Advertising

April 18, 2013

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Ownersfacebookads

I couldn’t ignore it any longer, I was too intrigued. I said to myself, “What do you have to lose except $10.00 a day?” So I finally clicked on the enticing “See Your Ad” here button on the Women TIES Facebook page. I have seen the ads and wondered if they could work. I wanted to experiment with it so I could share my findings with my Wednesday Wisdom followers. So last Wednesday I created a “Promoting Women TIES” ad and experimented with this new marketing tool.

For the last week, I have opened my Facebook page to see daily statistics including new likes, reach and impressions. I must admit being a marketing enthusiast I have loved seeing the numbers increase every inviting new people every day to my Women TIES Facebook page used to promote our events and members.

In traditional marketing, experts state a short campaign of one advertisement just one time in one place is not enough to be noticed. It takes repeating an ad over a lengthy period in the same medium for consumers to notice you. I’ve noticed the longer I let the ad run, the higher the statistics have gone, proving in a small part that theory.

It’s only been seven days since I started the ad campaign. If I follow what traditional marketing suggests, I should let the ad longer. But I also know there are social media marketing experts in our organization who might have more educated marketing advice for me now that I’m tried advertising the page for a week. Like any smart business woman, I intend to contact them to see if they can shed more light on my Facebook experiment.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to experiment with some new marketing mediums. You may or may not want to follow my Facebook experiment. But what I suggest you do is keep testing out new marketing outreach to increase your brand name. It might mean sponsoring an event, obtaining a yearly ad in a magazine, or putting your face on a billboard.

With a budget in mind and a willing spirit, you might just find a new marketing method that promotes your company well.

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