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The Power of Meeting Someone New

April 10, 2013

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Shortly after landing my first major event planning contract for a community festival, I soon realized I needed to add a new skill set to my repertoire to be successful. Although I had some experience with fundraising and sponsorship solicitation working for two educational institutions, I hadn’t planned on becoming a fundraiser when I began Five Star Events.

As many entrepreneurs experience, it doesn’t take long to accept new responsibilities in order to land a lucrative contract. If my new festival client needed me to raise money to pay for my fee and fund the festival, I was willing to take what I knew and try. After 9 years working for the same festival, I realized that no one from the organization was actually paying my fee; instead I was paying my fee by raising all the money for the event and I was good at it.

A few months ago when Albany woman entrepreneur Shannon Cherry approached me and said, “Do you realize you could have your clothes, your haircut, your paper supplies, your event flowers and other business items covered by companies who want to sponsor you to market to you audience,” I stopped, caught off guard, and admitted I had never thought of the concept. Sure I have companies sponsor a majority of our events to offset room fees and to give them exceptional marketing coverage but I never thought about using sponsorship solicitation as a way to pay for most of my corporate expenses.

What I’ve always found fascinating after meeting new women and starting conversations is the eye opening effect they can have on my business. Women have a wealth of information they are willing to share with other women to make them more successful. It’s something we shouldn’t forget when it comes time to accept or turn down an invitation to an event or networking experience. I always ask myself when contemplating an invitation, “Who will be in the room. What can I learn from meeting some new women? How could it positively affect the trajectory of my business?”

Today’s post is to remind you that other women you meet possess a wealth of information that could play a small or significant role in helping you personally or professionally. Don’t underestimate the power of meeting someone new. This month open yourself up to new events, new opportunities and new venues to meet people you haven’t met before.

Before my conversation with Shannon ended, I seized the opportunity and asked her to present the topic she approached me about. She agreed and I can’t wait to be inspired by her knowledge, wisdom and ways to get more funding for my company next Thursday in Albany. The door opened because we had a conversation at an event. Who aren’t you meeting that could be a valuable new contact?

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  1. April 10, 2013 10:17 am

    It is so true that knowledge and inspiration can come from even the most chance of meetings – you just have to be open to it!


  2. April 10, 2013 10:20 am

    Thank you Kimberly for taking the time to comment. Can’t wait until we can meet in person someday!


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