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A Forest of Women Entrepreneurs

February 13, 2013

Business Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs in New York State


Moments of clarity sometimes occur in unexpected places. After last week’s East Coast Blizzard which dumped 6 inches of fresh powder through New York State, I ventured out early Saturday morning to cross country ski in the woods of Beaver Lake Nature Center. I greeted the crisp, white, fresh forest laden with snow with an open mind and energetic spirit.

In the middle of the beautiful ski, I stopped for a moment and noticed individual, towering trees standing side by side to make the forest. Always looking for wisdom, I noticed the tall trees reminded me of every woman entrepreneur I’ve met who stand tall in their dreams, actions and beliefs to grow their companies. Rooted in a mission, striving for higher heights, the women entrepreneurs I know stand strong and resilient like the individual pines in the forest.

Although they are alone in their own growth, they stand next to other women entrepreneurs striving for similar heights. Together side-by-side they don’t look lonely or out of place, instead they belong together producing a massive, beautiful forest that envelopes what would be barren ground. They grow both individually and together every day.

The National Association of Women Business Owners distributed a press release yesterday saying, “The State of Women-Owned Businesses survey found that 81% of WBOs were optimistic about their business’ overall performance for the year ahead. 74% were also optimistic about the broader economic outlook in 2013.” I second their opinion. In our first 3 events of the year, we have sold-out each venue, witnessed overwhelming amounts of optimism by women entrepreneurs for the year ahead, and believe this is the year for women entrepreneurs to truly achieve greater heights.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to think of your business as a tall, sturdy, growing tree striving for higher altitude and to remind you to look around and see you are in the company of thousands of other women entrepreneurs standing next to you creating a forest of beauty and mass. I know we have a brilliant future ahead of us. Not because we are smart, engaging, creative women but because we understand and benefit from the power of being in the midst of other women just like us.

I continue to hope this year is the best business year for you. I feel it. I see it. I sense it everywhere I go from Albany to Rochester, Watertown to Binghamton, Ithaca and the Mohawk Valley and right here in the heart of New York in Syracuse. I know you will hit the heights you strive for. You’ll do it with a combination of your own individual strength and in the company of other amazing women business owners. A forest we are. A larger forest we will become.

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