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A Panoramic Business Perspective

February 6, 2013

Business advice for women entrepreneurs


In order to start the certification process to become a woman owned enterprise with New York State, I had to pull out annual board reports for the last 7 years. As I read each report in order, I received an unexpected gift – a panoramic view of my company starting from the moment of its inception to the beginning of its 8th year. Twists and turns of fate, strategic planning, input from customers and guidance from trusted advisors helped pave the winding road of success. What the analysis really presented me with was a sense that I’m on the right path.

So often we become obsessed with seeing what is wrong with our business. Not just seeing it, but constantly looking for what’s not going right. Always asking ourselves, “What am I doing wrong?” can drive us to the brink at times. But examining past annual reports and business plans teach us is to take stock of our growth and achievements. We have to stop looking for errors, casting doubts and focusing on wrong decisions that sabotage our positive feelings about where we have been and how far we have traveled in our entrepreneurial life.

The lessons we need to learn are taught to us every day, every year and especially in a panoramic view if you step back in time to trace your tracks. What I do know is we need to give ourselves a break from the negative conversations in our head and ask ourselves every day, what is going right, what is true, and what makes perfect sense.

Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you to start today by listing five things that are going right for your business this moment. Then list five things that went right for you in 2012 that need to continue in 2013. Pay attention to the good feelings they produce. I also suggest you find time this month to reach back and trace your steps in your business to see how far you have come. Make sure you concentrate on the successes and milestones. Too often we give more power to the negative decisions, not the positive ones.

The future is always a blank canvas but with insight on the path we’ve traveled so far, analysis on where we should be going and concentrating on what feels right will help us feel good and give us the energy we need to keep making bountiful strides along this exciting business journey

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