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Handling Difficult Business Moments

January 15, 2013

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

resolutionFifteen minutes before the start of a large annual conference, the meticulous event planner was told by the venue spokes person, an important component of her late morning panel presentation was missing. Although the missing lapel microphone seemed like a small detail to the venue, its absence was a big deal for the planner who had promised individual microphones for her esteemed panelists and for the camera crew taping the panel discussion for a television show. She knew the quality of the panel program would be comprised without every panelist having their own microphone.

With only 15 minutes before the beginning of the important conference, the event planner gave up trying to resolve the issue. With no suggestions to correct the situation from the venue and with 200 attendees to address, she resolved to go on without the extra microphone and handle the situation with the venue after the event was over. Before addressing the large crowd, she took a brisk walk outside in fresh autumn air to clear her frustrated mind.

Surprising situations can occur in business. Entrepreneurs can face unexpected upset clients, employees who demonstrate embarrassing behavior, difficult vendor relationships and even problems with perfectly planned events. In these situations, a professional public relations approach must be taken by the entrepreneur.

Here are some tips for handling difficult unexpected situations that can arise in business:

* Deliver clear, honest and direct communication with another party about expectations that are not being met. Try to keep emotions at bay. Be concise about what has occurred and what action needs to be taken to have the situation corrected.

* If a situation cannot be resolved on the spot, handle the problem as soon as possible after it occurs. Don’t let too much time pass before having a conversation in person or on the phone about the occurrence. Follow up conversations you have about troubling situations in writing.

*Understand and accept your role in the difficult situation. Be honest with yourself about other action you could have taken to remedy the situation.

Entrepreneurs should set high standards for their staff, vendors and corporate functions as long as they realize on occasion when alarming situations arise they demonstrate a calm composure. If a little extra help is needed to resolve fiery moments, a quick, brisk walk with reaffirming thoughts can instill the clarity and serenity needed to move past the difficult moment.

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