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Entrepreneurs: The Importance of Remembering the Year

December 21, 2012

holidaytreeAnticipation is by definition the feeling of looking forward, usually excitedly or eagerly, to something that is going to happen. For many of us, the anticipation of being with family and friends this weekend and next week makes us keenly aware of the joy that awaits us based on wonderful, warm memories from past holidays.

The ability to reminisce is a gift. As entrepreneurs we should not only reminisce about personal relationships but professional bonds as well. Our entrepreneurial lives are full of a variety of affiliations – long time business friends, new acquaintances, valuable repeat customers and important new prospects. Each one has worth.

I hope you take a half hour sometime in the next few days to think about the relationships that have meant the most to you this year. There is still time to pick up the phone, drop an email message or send a card to those who have contributed to your joy, business success and bank account.

I also hope you take time to remember what you have accomplished this year. In the rush of ending another business year, we can forget to stop and savor our accomplishments. Take ten minutes to jot down the most important business moments that bubble up in your spirit. Write them down. Remember them. Be appreciative for all the hard work and energy you put into your professional life in 2012. It counts.

Today’s post is to thank you for being high spirited entrepreneurs with a vision, passion and mission to make the world a better place by your service or products. Take time to embrace your success by remembering the best moments and lessons of the year. If it means grabbing a cup of eggnog or a hot buttered rum and sitting next to the Christmas tree or a roaring fireplace, do it and soak in the moment and year of hard work.

I wish you sweet and blissful moments of remembrance and an eagerness and anticipation for a brighter and more financially successful New Year.

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