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Holiday Gifts for Women Entrepreneurs

December 19, 2012


I hope this past year has brought you many joys – especially the joy of running and growing your company.

As the holidays arrive, I wanted to send you a special message filled with some “business gifts” from this year’s esteemed Women TIES Retreat guest speakers. My hope is they help you end a brillant business year and aid you in ringing in a more successful 2013.

Holiday Gifts For Every Woman Entrepreneur

Before the year ends, take Chris Xaver of The Sweet Life’s advice and “Celebrate Your Success.” You have done an amazing job running your business. Don’t let the year slip away without raising a glass of champagne and toasting to all your achievements.

Seize Deb Cabral of The Declutter Coach’s advice and add a team to grow your company next year. You have achieved so much on your own; but now is the time to hire a team and let their talents merge with yours to take the business to another level. You can’t do it without staff or independent contractors.

Set 2013 financial goals to achieve brighter monetary heights. Finances have to be a priority in our business lives. Make sure you take time to prepare yourself and your company for a stronger monetary future. Seek the wisdom of financially savvy women to assist you in reaching golden goals.

Embrace new technology. Becky Bayne of Becky’s Graphic Design would suggest you give yourself the gift of a new I- phone or I-pad or learn how to use more social media marketing apps before January 1st. Technology is a vital element in doing business today. Give yourself the gift of technology this season.

Shake off any business blues when they arise today or in the future by dancing away any stress. According to Joleene DesRosiers of Joleene Speaks, by changing your energy, you change your mindset. The new year is about shifting to a more positive “I can do it no matter what” attitude! Embrace new energy.

Finally, remember the amazing power of women doing business together. Continue to create and foster stronger female business relationships in 2013. Remember to put money in the pocketbooks and bank accounts of other women as often as you can. Go to the Women TIES website often to find women to do business with all year long.

My New Year’s wish is that women entreprenuers continue to work together to create a stronger financial future for ourselves and women everywhere. Remember to “Believe in the Buying and Selling Power of Women.

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