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Hope Matters

December 15, 2012

The black, maroon and brown wooden bead bracelet adorns my left wrist this morning. I bought it five years ago after completing my first 5K race to help support a wonderful woman entrepreneur’s foundation. Embedded in four of the beads are the letters H.O.P.E. I have worn it frequently the past five years when I needed the message to get me through the day or to inspire me in my own business. By hoping, I anticipated, trusted and expected my day to go well or a problem to get better.  Although the bracelet couldn’t really affect my day, it influenced my spirit.

The woman who created the H.O.P.E. bracelet was inspired by her sister’s battle with cancer. As her sister lie in a sterile gown in a barren hospital room, she loved wearing a colorful bangle bracelet to brighten her appearance and hope for recovery. Unfortunately the recovery never came, but the idea to raise money in her sister’s name was born out of the loss. Entrepreneurial dreams come from all sources and in all sizes, shapes and colors. Susan Bertrand’s dream came in a round shaped bracelet of hope.

For eight years Susan has worked diligently and effortlessly in creating this business – a foundation called Maureen’s Hope Foundation – in her sister’s memory. Her work has touched the lives of hundreds of people battling cancer. Her husband, sons and their high school friends have embraced the cause and make bracelets and share in multiple fundraising efforts. Her family, friends and local community continue to create new and exciting events to support Susan’s sister’s memory and to raise funds to give hope to other individuals battling cancer. 

Today in light of the horrible national news on the #Newton shooting remind yourself that what you do every single day matters. Whether you are raising money for cancer patients, working in your own business, volunteering for a non-for-profit organization, or helping neighbors, it counts. Every single thing we do counts. It’s the true gift to be a good, hard working person. We can make a positive difference every day.

As Susan’s example teaches us by running a company in her sister’s honor, we are all trying to changing the world for the better. Embrace the thought of hope today and focus on what is good in this world – the good your contribute and the good in most other people. If you need a bracelet to help you, go to Maureen’s Hope Foundation to buy one to wear. It will bring a physical sign of “hope” to you today and in the future.

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