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The Gift of Reflection

December 12, 2012

reflectionWhen my son was in 3rd grade he came home and told me he had to describe me in 3 words to his class. Knowing young children can be quite honest in their appraisals, I asked him with some trepidation what he said. He said, “You are loving.” I said “That’s so nice of you to say.” He said, “You are kind.” I said, “Oh, that’s sweet.” Then he said, “You are a feminist.” I said with a big smile on my face, “Adam, do you know what a feminist is?” He said, “Yes Mom, you believe women rule the world!” In that moment I wondered who my sons would grow up to be seeing they believed they were being raised by a feminist!

Sometimes it takes other people to mirror our true reflection. In my case, it took a 10 year old to show me how passionate I had become promoting women owned companies so they could brand their names and make more money individually and collectively. I realized in that moment I wasn’t only being recognized for this trait among my peers but also by my young sons.

Reflection can be described as “a clear indication or result of something.” As you start to reflect on this business year coming to an end, look for the indications of your success. Don’t let a new year come before you relish small and big accomplishments that made this year a very good year. Entrepreneurs have a way of rushing past golden moments trying to achieve more of them. Stop and reflect. Reflection is an important part of providing the evidence we need to joyfully keep working hard for another year.

This blog post is to inspire you as the year winds down to conduct some personal research. Ask your family what three words describe you? If you can, ask a couple clients or associates how they would describe you? Finally, ask yourself what 3 words define you? Discovering the answers might shed some light on who you really are and who you have become at this stage in your life. They may even describe the central core of what makes you so good at running your company today and in the future.

Quiet contemplation in the middle of a bustling time of year can be the best gift you can give yourself as you look forward to another successful business year. Give yourself the gift of reflection before the year ends. I know you’ll love what you see and hear just like I did.

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