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Working Backwards Works

December 7, 2012

backwardsDo you ever wonder how an author writes a beautifully written book or how an inventor creates a new invention? In most cases, they work backwards. They start with the ending in mind and work backwards until they are at the beginning. I have a secret to share with you…I’ve been working backwards recently and it has worked really well.

Only three months ago I said, “Twitter…I just don’t get it. I don’t know how using it could ever help my business.” After our annual Retreat and speaking with 3 women entrepreneurs who took time to explain its benefits, I decided to make it work for my business. My goal was to use it to increase hits to our website to increase online exposure for my members. I discovered starting backwards was the key.

Everyday on Twitter there are popular trends. I now start my day looking at the trends and then writing original, short blog posts so I can then promote the posts on Twitter driving traffic back to Women TIES. For example, when the recent Powerball jackpot was the rave, I wrote a blog piece about the insane jackpot fever and marketing tactics small businesses could glean from the Powerball frenzy. Then I tweeted the link to major news sources. What happened? The hits on the Women TIES website tripled in two days and NPR retweeted the post. Now that’s what I call “power” ful!

Just like thinking twice before walking away from a chance to win a million dollar jackpot, you need to think twice about learning how to “hit” it big through Twitter or other social media marketing you aren’t using yet. The opportunity to gain major media attention and connections are better than the chances of depositing millions in your bank account from a huge jackpot. It takes a small commitment to begin to make it a habit.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to learn about Twitter this month and to start being more active writing in your blog. If you don’t have a blog, think about establishing one. Once you have one, actively write about trends of the day that relate to your business. Make sure you promote your posts on all your social media because the new connections you could make might really surprise you while exploding your website hits and rankings in search engines.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing an end goal and working backwards to accomplish it. I hope you set some new goals in 2013 which include using a blog and Twitter to gain national media attention and increase your website hits.

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