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What Are You Really Selling?

November 3, 2012
I bet you offer more to your customers than just the product or service you sell.  I bet that you offer something intangible; something you really can’t see, smell, or touch.  
Your business can offer a personal boost. It can make a person feel better by changing their appearance, offering beauty care,  or helping them get organized.  Perhaps  your business is a social connection.  Cutomers enjoy a friendly environment or a product that helps them connect to others.  Your business can offer an aesthetic experience or environment that can be unrelated to the actual product itself.  Whatever the situation, it’s important to consider the intangibles that set your business apart.
How do you go about figuring what those intangibles are?
  • Listen to your customers.  What are their reactions to your product?  What are they saying?  What does their body language convey?  Pay careful attention; the communication may be subtle and not directly related to the product.
  • Consider the environment.  What do customers experience when they connect with your business?  What is the physical environment?  What is the reaction from staff?  Is it inviting and engaging?
  • Work to engage.  Completing a sale is a great but it is even better to have customers purchase on a repeated basis.  What incentives do you offer for them to return?  How do you continue to communicate with them?  What mechanism do you offer so they can provide honest feedback?

By understanding what your customers are really buying, you are better able to fine tune your product and service in order to enhance the experience of buying from you.  By doing so, you are increasing the chance that they will return and share positive feedback with others.

Today’s blog post was written by Women TIES Member Helene Chaika Fausold, Chaika Unlimited . Please learn more about her and her company.

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