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Sooner than Later Planning

October 31, 2012

The devastation that hit the east coast is staggering. I personally watched and prayed that Hurricane Sandy didn’t hit the cities of Annapolis, MD, Boston, MA and Portland, ME where my son and siblings live. But many of us did have family and friends affected by the wrath of this storm and we certainly understand their loss.

As women we are pained for the mother whose two children are missing because their car was flooded as they tried to escape the weather. As women entrepreneurs we understand the incredible stress associated with losing a business, witnessing a wrecked storefront, and trying to repair an unimaginable situation. Today is a day to not only appreciate what we have around us, but to plan for unexpected interruptions in our businesses.

If you were one of the thousands of New Yorkers who couldn’t find bottled water or generators by Sunday night, you understand why planning in advance is essential in life and in business. If you were worried about backing up your computer or creating a back-up plan to conduct business if the Hurricane hit our area, you comprehend the need for making that a priority starting today. If you increased your work load because you thought you wouldn’t be able to work for a week if electricity went out, why not work like that every day.

As a 26 year event planner I am known for being a “worst case scenario planner,” not because I’m a pessimistic person but because planning for worst case makes you more prepared in case something unexpected occurs. It isn’t about living your life like tomorrow is the last day, it’s about conducting small and big tasks that will cause you less stress if tomorrow’s outlook turns bleak very   quickly.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to take some action this week that you need to take to protect your business for unexpected circumstances. It might include finally backing up your computer system and putting documents in the “cloud,” adding extra insurance to protect your storefront or office, or creating an emergency communication plan to reach out to important clients if your company has to close unexpectedly. What areas of protection do you need to implement to make you more secure?

 Planning might be boring or something you don’t feel you need until time is of the essence, but it is essential for unexpected interruptions in your business. Let today’s news stories inspire you to take action sooner than later.

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