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Inventing Happiness for Consumers

October 24, 2012

As I hurried down the Thruway on a recent trip to Boston I was praying the Massachusetts Turnpike wouldn’t be congested and I could get to my destination in time. Sure enough 30 minutes outside of the city traffic came to a standstill. The clock was ticking and my blood pressure was staring to rise.

As I approached the jam packed toll booth, I quickly raced into one of the two EZ Pass lanes and sailed past fifty cars waiting in line to pay their toll. In that moment I smiled and thanked the inventor of my favorite invention of all time! I praise that innovator every single time I sail through a gate. I swear the ease of using the EZ Pass makes up for the increasingly high prices I pay for tolls!

Who invented this beautiful product? Was it a busy woman entrepreneur sitting for the tenth time at a toll booth on her way from Buffalo to Albany? Was it a visionary who conceptualized collecting millions of dollars for highways while making a good amount of “change” in the process? Who thinks up these original ideas and brings them to market?

My husband comes from a family of engineers. They always have an idea, vision or process they want to create to make life easier. But they aren’t the only ones who have innovative thoughts. Many women entrepreneurs do. Some have created original products; some are in the process of inventing new services. Since we had to “invent” the concept of our business to begin with, shouldn’t we be inventing new ideas and implementing them throughout our business journey?

I love finding and featuring women who have created original products, are in the phase of getting them patented and ready to launch. They have innovative minds. They take bigger monetary risks. They invest much more time bringing their concept to market. They are tough and resilient with a lot of lessons to share. We need to learn from these innovators as often as we can to inspire our own minds to think differently.

Today’s blog is to instigate the inventor in your soul. You know you have a new idea that needs to be born. What do you want to add to your business repertoire? A book? A product a client has been asking about? A new service you’ve seen a competitor offer? A complimentary item to something you already offer? What do you see and sense? Make sure you keep new visions written down in a journal or document on your computer.

Remember entrepreneurs are visionaries. What do you have up your sleeve that might just make someone like me very happy?

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