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Moving with New Technologies

August 29, 2012

As I walked on the beach with my younger sister, she took over 100 photos in minutes and told me she would use Instagram to share them with our other 6 siblings. She admitted being addicted to sharing beautiful photos with family and friends through this new medium.

As we continued to stroll down the beach I was reminded how 2 years prior my sister and her husband collected wedding reservations through Facebook . Then one year after their wedding, I witnessed the growth of their new baby through sonogram photos shared on Facebook. My one year old niece now has her very own Facebook page (“Ramona Chamberlain Kennedy”).

 What I learned about our 15 year age difference and through these ‘Social moments’ with my younger sister is that she and her generation believe in sharing important events in their lives through new technologies and social media. Their preference is now the norm.

 While I prefer to stare at my niece’s jubilant smile in a framed photo on my desk, I appreciate the Instagram photos posted regularly to showcase her first tooth and first steps. Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we share what we are experiencing, and the way we see the world.

 While new technology is developing every day, busy women entrepreneurs can barely keep up with learning the newest apps or buying the latest phone before a new one emerges. Most of us are too consumed keeping clients happy, securing new business, or billing past due notices, to learn about the latest technologies to utilize in our companies.

 Today’s blog post is to inspire you to become better educated in some of the new technical ways to market and promote your business or communicate with consumers. Dedicate time each month to learn about one new technology. Pick up the phone and ask someone you know that uses Pinterst or Instagram on how to get started. Attend a seminar to learn more detailed information. In fact, the Women TIES Retreat will have a 40 minute presentation on some of the latest technologies to educate and inspire you so join us there.

 Remember, we must embrace new ways to do business if we are to remain relevant. We must find the time to learn about new technologies or hire someone to help. The world is moving fast and we must too if we want to stay competitive.

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