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A Recognizable Brand

July 11, 2012

It’s a recognizable brand in Syracuse… the red neon lights of the Brooklyn Bridge sign seen on the side of the building and the biggest, freshest sandwiches made from the softest sliced bread filled with extremely thin sliced, freshest roasted meats and cheeses. As soon as you hear their name, enter one of their two locations and feast on one of their sandwiches you know where you are.

Brooklyn Pickle is a Syracuse’s staple known for their New York City-style deli serving award-winning soups, authentic giant deli sandwiches, huge subBrooklynPickles and signature pickles. As my son and I enjoyed lunch together last week at this establishment we reveled in this delicious brand. Of course, he was too busy devouring his meal to see me taking notes on what I loved about this home-grown company.

I realized Brooklyn Pickle’s popularity was built simply on taking an ordinary menu item and making it  extraordinary. Their decision to produce overstuffed, mouth watering deli sandwiches has helped them succeed for 35 years. While their well developed brand produced loyal customers and increased their revenues; their organized operation management system helped them duplicate production perfectly to expand to multiple locations. Both pieces of the growth puzzle needed to be in place for them to succeed for three decades.

Today’s blog post is to challenge you to think about your own corporate niche and growth potential. Do you know what your brand is? If you asked your customers what you are known for, could they answer the question immediately? Also, if you are succeeding and starting to grow do you have the operation management systems you need in place to handle the growth? The structure needs to be in place at any expansion stage.

Remember, the Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t constructed without a strong framework and the Brooklyn Pickle wasn’t built without a brand focus and strong operations system. Make sure you are not only building an extraordinary brand but also an exceptional management system so you can succeed for decades

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