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Financial Equality

June 8, 2012

The headlines in the Portland Press Hearld read, “Obama, Senate Dems court women in fair pay bill.”   The article explained how President Obama and Senate Democrats are courting female voters by pushing a bill that calls for equal pay in the workplace. The push comes as women still earn on average 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. The bill would require companies to show that differences in wages are not based on gender. Republicans stated the legislation would place unnecessary burdens on businesses.

 My younger sister, who is not an entrepreneur but supports equality for all said, “The fair pay bill would place “unnecessary burdens” on businesses? What about the unnecessary financial burdens women still face making less than men?” She has never been to one of my Women TIES events but obviously we are genetically linked by a common spirit.

The world looks equal sometimes. We look around and see more women advancing in areas such as business, education, sports and media which were once dominated by men. But when it comes to equal pay, we are still unequal to men. There isn’t any reason for it except the subject stays out of the limelight. It incenses me that elected officials, no matter what their political affiliation, haven’t righted the wrong of this issue.

If you have been to a Women TIES event or know me well, you know this startling statistic is the main reason I have worked for 18 years and especially the past 7 years with Women TIES trying to help women entrepreneurs make more money by promoting their businesses extensively online, bringing them together at events to create new economic ties and strongly suggesting they consider buying from other women owned businesses first and foremost. I am waiting for the time when women will earn the same as men, because we should – pure and simple! If that day comes, perhaps Women TIES won’t need to exist.

Today’s post is meant to inspire you today and the rest of this year to buy from as many women owned companies as you can to help create a stronger financial buying circle for women. It is also meant to remind you the conversation of pay equality needs to keep happening between us and other women, men and politicians. Do your part to keep the topic in the limelight.

By creating a stronger financial buying circle today, we are helping this generation of women and the generation of women who follow us

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