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Wild Marketing Imagination

April 5, 2012

Last week was full of  lofty dreams if you bought into the Mega Millions lottery craze. As I walked in the grocery store to purchase five tickets, I joined a line of five other people. My line was short compared to most lines in other stores across the nation. Of course as an entrepreneur who loves marketing and sales I thought to myself, “How could I get millions of people to wait in line to buy a lucky ticket from Women TIES and earn insane amounts of marketing and sales at the same time?”

Since the drawing I have contemplated my own wild corporate contests to help my company this year. Should I implement a wild, over-the-top pink contest? Should I create an addictive business promotion that multiplies the more someone buys from my company? Should I put the names of my member’s companies on round lottery balls and give a big financial prize to the lucky winner? My brain spun just like the big lottery machine did trying to envision an effective and addictive business promotion.

Before the lucky numbers were identified last week, I posted on Facebook I would take the $640 million dollar jackpot and fund every single one of my paid member’s businesses with a set amount of money. I was serious about it. What in the world could one person do with $640 million? I know I would have carried out that promise if I was the winner. It was fun envisioning the gift giving and rocking the future of women entrepreneurs in my organization.

Today’s blog post is meant to have you dream big about what you could be doing with your company and for your customers. Should you be using your creativity to produce dynamic customer orientated contests to attract attention? Could you give away a certain amount of money to one new lucky Facebook friend? Could you give an all expense paid trip to an industry event your customer would love to attend? Today take a few more minutes to dream beyond your logical mind and see if you can produce an exciting contest or reward for your company and customers.

We were all blessed with imagination but we don’t draw on it as often as we should especially if we aren’t a “creative type.” But being a logical person doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our companies and clients. Pick one of your favorite creative businesswomen, go out to lunch and brainstorm some fantastic promotions for both of your companies. Have fun and dream up something big!

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