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Your Name in Lights

February 22, 2012

The arena was packed and the energy was through the roof at the Boston College Conte Forum as fans came to watch their team compete against basketball powerhouse Duke. The crowd roared as both teams entered the court. All the players and coaches were present except for all-time winning men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke.

I have to admit I was there because Coach K (as he is known) was my father’s favorite basketball coach. Seeing Coach K in person was going to fulfill one of my father’s personal dreams. So you can imagine the excitement pulsing through my veins waiting for Coach K’s arrival. What I discovered the moment he walked on the court sent chills through my body and entrepreneurial spirit.

Coach K had presence – big powerful, arena shaking presence. Everyone felt it, saw it and understood it. You couldn’t miss it. He commended attention. It wasn’t because of anything he said or did as he walked on the court; it was his persona. The years of hard work and accomplishments on the court had created it.

So I wasn’t surprised the next day to discover a website address in his name – I looked it up because one of my marketing advisors had recently suggested I purchase a website address for my own name. My name, more than Women TIES name, accompanies the increasing number of articles, columns and national blog posts. I listened to my advisor but didn’t understand the power of owning a personal website until I saw Coach K and understood he was his own brand.

Today’s blog post is to encourage you to think whether it’s time to purchase a website in your personal name. Are you an accomplished writer? Are you known as an expert in your field? Do you have a recognizable name? Are you trying to brand yourself and your name as an authority within a field? If so, now might be the time to buy “”

Sometimes women don’t like focusing attention on themselves. But becoming your own best advocate and PR agent is vital to future business success. While we are busy building a corporate brand, we are also building a personal brand.

So today might be the day to put your name in lights. It doesn’t have to be under the bright lights of a nationally televised basketball game, but it could be under the lights of a new personal website to promote your own personal brand.

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