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Darkness and Light

February 11, 2012

  It was the end of a difficult business day so I headed outside for a brisk walk. To the west of me were the warm, soft colors of the setting     sun; to the east were the cool evening shades with the rising moon. I couldn’t figure out which way to look since both views were breathtaking.

As I turned around to walk back home, I realized the beautiful shades at the end of the day represented a typical entrepreneurial day. It’s hard to get through a work day without something negative happening like experiencing a lackluster sales day, dealing with a frustrated client, or losing a customer. It’s also impossible to get through a day without positive things occurring like signing a new client, accepting an invitation to speak, and gaining a fresh perspective on an old problem. Business days are full of both rays of sun and glimmers of darkness.

I don’t think business women give themselves enough credit for dealing with the challenges of entrepreneurship. Sometimes we focus too much on the darkness, duty and pressure of running our companies. We become consumed with problems, issues and worries. I believe the dark moments strike us harder because we’re trying so hard to achieve success all on our own, all of the time.

But the walk reminded me that where there is darkness, there is also light. In any given moment, feeling bad can evaporate if we recognize the lesson that goes along with the experience.

Today’s blog post is to remind you just like the darkening sky at sunset, there will always be troubles running a business – sometimes big problems and sometimes simple annoyances. Embrace the rich, dark colors of difficulty. The greatest lessons are learned in the dark. It is also to remind you just like the bright amber colors of sunset, there is hope for the next day – a glowing new attitude, an unexpected pleasure or the gift of a client relationship. Bask in the glow. You deserve the rewards.

When your business day ends, be grateful because it was filled with both darkness and light. An entrepreneurial career is a special profession made just for those of us who like to glance both ways and savor what we see and learn.

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  1. February 11, 2012 1:46 pm

    A much needed reminder. The good days are SO GOOD! And the not so good days…a reminder of why we don’t want mediocrity. Thank you for this.


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