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September 7, 2011

By now you are familiar with the frequent and sometimes annoying statement coming out of your GPS tracking device, “recalculating, recalculating.” If you just returned from an out-of-town Labor Day excursion, the statement might still be ringing in your ears. The GPS tracking unit helps individuals determine the precise location of where they are located and updates their movement towards an end destination.

Earlier this year Teresa Huggins, President of Leaders for Life International and one of the October 5th “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” presenters, and I spoke about her travels and how her GPS tracking system was constantly using the word “recalculating.” She said to me, “It would be so useful as entrepreneurs to have a personal GPS tracking device that would indicate if we are heading in the right direction towards our entrepreneurial destination. The GPS system would help us determine if we needed to recalculate if we were going the wrong way. It would tell us how long it would take to reach the end. It would be a companion guiding us when we hit detours.”

As far as I know, there isn’t an entrepreneurial GPS tracking system yet. What we do have available to guide us is a combination of our intuition, statistical data, our business plan, and other entrepreneurs. Our intuition is always the best internal guide. Statistical data and a business plan presents facts and figures to lead us forward or to change course. Other entrepreneurs help by explaining the detours, valleys and exquisite views from the hilltops of success. We need them all to stay on track.

Today’s blog is to remind you today at the beginning of this “new business year,” as summer unofficially ends and the business community gets back to work, to think about whether you need to recalculate where you are heading. Have you gotten off track this summer or this year? Could your business plan guide you in a better direction if you actually found time to review it? Do you know you need to change direction? What does the combination of your intuition and statistics tell you? Is it saying recalculate?

Sometimes we know when we are lost and sometimes we don’t. The key to being a smart and successful woman entrepreneur is to know when we need to stop, gauge our position, and continue moving forward or to turn around and chart a new course. Don’t forget the value of asking other women entrepreneurs along your journey, sometimes they can be the best voice to seek direction from.

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